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Best 7 Kiss Anime Alternatives – I researched all the similarities and wrote the URL link [anime kiss]

The world’s largest anime video distribution website “Kissanim

In 2018, the government named the freeime boutique site “t-tube”, but anime kisses are free, have a lot of users in Japan, make a lot of videos, and are popular.

It’s like an anime kiss, but most people don’t know what a home is because there are so many sites like the one above when searching for a site name.

So, in this article, we’ve checked all the sites called “Anime Kiss” and compiled the URL link for each section of the site.

Kissime’s name was first written, but there are many such sites. Please check it.

1. Best Site “

This site got a lot of “kiss anime” or “home” from “”.

This website is still in its old, anonymous distributed sections and sections.

  • The monthly registration year is “800 million PV”, which is the same as the previous “it ntube”.
  • However, this site is difficult to compare to other similar sites due to its high advertising content.
  • In addition, there are many disadvantages, such as photo security, when watching a dance.
  • Be careful as some videos do not appear.
  • (* Poll: [sad news] I accidentally stopped watching a kiss anime, but [adok reason?]))

By the way, created in October 2012 under the name “Cat’s Name”. * Omoto turned off and redirected to


We fixed the Anime kiss parts.

  1. Kisanim.a
  2. Zarim-
  5. Kisanim.m
  6. The name of the cat

Each layer contains small pieces of the layer, but the two layers make it easy to delete “ime name kiss video and two good ways to save”.


  • This site was launched in February 2017
  • Monthly consumption: 60 million PV
  • USA consumers: short

Sites like Kissinim have been opened and closed, but “Kissinim.a” has been added to the long-term site.

The interface follows the original “”, but became easier because there is no image validation before watching the cartoon.

However, this poster is a kind of newsletter that is not suitable for a family, and the concept of joy and happiness is growing.

Thanks to the “Virus Total” virus scanning service, the chances of getting a virus infection are low.

URL link –


  • Website to launch website: November 2018
  • Monthly consumption: 30 million pv
  • USA consumer: Almost none

This “” is one of the first anonymous kiss screens, but for most people, I don’t think so.

The reason for this is that the Japanese search engine is not at the top and there are few Japanese users = it is difficult to share information.

Also, unlike other sites like Kisanim, the domain is optional (-) and the website design is different.



  • Fabric opening date: unknown (recently opened?)
  • Number of monthly trips: Unknown
  • USA consumer: Nothing.

Although the domain name was associated with “”, I will now check it

Restricted access to “kiss-like anime” sites.

Little is known about recent discoveries.

This site displays ad-based ads in the dark from regular ads, so if you want to use the “ban pop-up ads” tool, you’ll want to advertise them.



Like Kisanim, it’s a popular platform to compete for 1st or 2nd, but I know “Mudusnim.yo”.

When you visit the website, you will be redirected to “katenim.a” which is called “katenim.a”.

It is generally the successor to websites like Anime Kiss. Settings.


5. was closed, but now redirected to Kisanime Hall on, which is a favorite site at login.

The event took place in November 2017 and was very good

  • (October 2012)
  • (November 201))
  • (December 201))

This is a beautiful place.

However, it is possible to include other sites in the open space between .me and .ru.



The name of the cat In the previous section, “” As the department, Kisanim is the “Kisanim.Sc” domain before the “Kisanim.a” section.

I remember it was off but couldn’t be used this time because all the boards were full of ads.

  • There is also a site called “”, but the transfer process is not complete and it is not clear, so no comment has been reached. About his main family.


A list of sites like names with URL link summaries

So far, I’ve created a link to a list similar to Kiss Anime with the main URLs.

In fact, if you see Kiss Anime, it’s safer and more convenient to use a video sharing service like “U-Enxt”.

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