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Best Moka Pot – Guide on How to Choose a Best Moka Pot

The brake coffee machine, known as the pot Moka, is different from ordinary stainless steel and the types that can be used to make IH teapots. It uses the pressure of hot water vapor to bring the taste of coffee closer to espresso. For those who love to make coffee by hand, a Moka pot is just as important as an electric pot.

To give everyone more information about the principle and use of MokaPot, this article details the buying points of this product while also looking for 10 high-quality products. Bialetti and Kitchencraft from well-known brands. Recommendations. Curious students may want to read more deeply to make their daily coffee time more fun!

Drink coffee with coffee – Moka pot

A Moka pot that can be heated by direct fire is more convenient than a desktop espresso machine in terms of use and storage. Whether you want strong coffee or enjoy the elegant atmosphere of a homemade coffee shop, if you have a Moka pot, coffee powder, and a constant source of fire, you can easily prepare delicious meals anywhere in the espresso. Moka Pot is a great product to improve the camping environment, especially for students who train outdoors.

Important aspects of buying a Moka pot

The mode of operation of each style of Moka pot is basically the same, you can easily choose the products you like if you offer the following outlets.

Option: Choose depending on the use and method of the drink

Moka pot

The size of the Moka pot determines the amount of boiling each time. Read the instructions below when shopping and make a decision based on the amount of coffee you usually drink.
The most popular method is to make 3-4 cups at a time, based on 50 cubes

The standard espresso is 50cc, but for many coffee lovers this amount can be obtained from almost any source. If you buy a Moka pot that can make 3-4 cups of coffee at a time, you can drink more than 2 cups at a time. If you live with your family, you don’t have to spend time brewing beer over and over again. Since espresso can be tasted by adding milk and ice cubes, you may want to do more when cooking. It’s also good to try different types of coffee from the second cup.

Large size model: Make sure the reduction image is pasted

I believe that many people who visit the house often choose large-capacity Moka pots as a means of entertainment. But when you want to enjoy the beauty of coffee, this part looks great. At this point, you can check that the product is installed with “reduction pills”. This special structure can effectively reduce product quantity and coffee powder consumption without reducing extraction stress.

However, since the same amount of coffee Moka pot is very tasty by quantitative criteria, it is still recommended to use a large Moka pot for the office or a place to welcome guests. when you want to drink coffee on your own, use it from time to time. One piece.

Housing materials: Aluminum is the most common, stainless steel is easy to maintain

Most directly heated Moka boilers are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Among them, aluminum Moka pots are relatively inexpensive and suitable for beginners. However, if stored directly after cleaning, white watery spots will appear on the body of the container; In contrast, a stainless steel pot does not rust easily and is also easy to maintain. There are also many design styles in production. Although the price is usually high, stainless steel products are more suitable for customers who do not like heavy processing procedures or want to buy a Moka pot that can be used for many years.

Confirm the heat source used during heating

Depending on the type of heat source used to heat the Moka boiler, there are also details to consider when purchasing. If you want to use an IH induction stove, please note that some fireplaces can take appliances larger than 12 cm in diameter. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a Moka pot with a wide diameter of the base; If you want to use an open-flame gas stove, you need to make sure you can use a Moka pot. Keep it stable in the hive.

Do you have coffee oil that tastes good?

Coffee oil is a colored coffee formed by mixing the oil dissolved in coffee with air. Due to the need for good coffee beans and brewing technology to produce visible coffee oil, it has become one of the indicators of coffee quality evaluation. But since the working principle of Moka pot and espresso machine is different, it is not possible to make this layer of coffee oil at all. If you are looking for a brown foam with a pleasant texture and it is good, you should pay attention to the work of the product related to the preparation of foam.

It is also recommended that for beginners who do not yet understand the heating time, choose a Moka boiler that has a good reminder function to avoid the risk of burning the boiler. If there is no liquid in the pot, it will hold the button and then the consumer will be notified, which will effectively improve the safety of coffee production.

Choose a Moka pot that fits the space style

If you care about the harmony between the style of the Moka pot and the living space or want to use the product to convey a strong personal style, the color and shape of the Moka pot has become an important condition when buying.

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For example, the elegant glazing of stainless steel items is very modern and versatile and the simple shape can be combined with many pots and pans and shown by the structure of the cut aluminum Moka pot. Suitable for customers who prefer retro and romantic and traditional brewing methods. In addition, the aluminum model has a very bright style. If you want to have vibrant and beautiful products, you can also lock this type.

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