The 4 best Typeracer tests Alternatives on the Internet

When was the Typeracer speed tested? Do you want to be a high-speed devil or do you believe in slow and consistent ways to reduce errors?

No matter which method you use, it’s fun to know that you can dial quickly. There are so many websites out there that not only test access speeds, but also compare search results with people in other parts of the world, as well as other experiences that add features.

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1. Keybr

This is not just a Typeracer test, but an active learning website. Your writing speed is growing faster and faster.

The bottom line is that Kieber allows you to type meaningless words based on letters typed one after the other. It gives you points, calculates the WPM, and tells you what you have achieved each time you complete the article.

You can also set up an account on this site so you can go back and find out where you’re going and see the full statistics of Speed ​​Input work.

There are also high score tables and multiplayer game modes.

2. Typing Test

Typing Test has different lengths of Typeracer tests and many games that you will like. The writing test is one of the most diverse sites on the Internet.

The writing test is not for beginners and desperate veterans, but to make writing practice more fun and exciting. The games include racing games, shooting games, and platform games, some of which have a truly artistic style!

There are also a variety of simple games and a typewriter, a series of activities designed for children at different stages of education.

3. Official typing test

The site may not look terrible, but it is one of the most “professional” Typeracer tests on this list.

The official Typeracer test offers a range of tests, including 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute tests, as well as 10 key tests and pin-code tests. See what the payment is like when you enter the numbers. There is also a very quick section so you can improve your typing skills.

After completing the test, you can purchase a certificate to show the results to future employers. Despite the name, there is no “official” information about the text, so the certificate is of no general significance.

4. Typeracer

There is no better way to motivate yourself to dial faster than in fierce competition. Typeracer is a fast typewriter, a website that allows you to practice your typing style before competing with others in real-time

The race takes a minute and each racer is given a block of text to enter as quickly as possible. It has a visual basis, but you’ll be amazed at its appeal (it’s annoying when you type the letters and always push them back).

You can compete for a place on the lead board or ask your friends to take part in the competition.

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The final conclusion

These are the best sites to quickly learn your typing skills. With a combination of games, tournaments and handy pointers, they provide everything you nee

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